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Stenner 1:128 ECON Stennicator E20MH81S

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Product Description

The Stennicator is a great little medicator. It's simplicity is unmatched in the medicator market. You basically have one tube to replace. Compare that to all the pieces and parts in another medicator. Also when this unit is running you know what you are getting vs a standard medicator that may have some seals that are wearing out and are causing the medicator to run at some random ratio. Its really frustrating when you fill up all your stock solution tanks at the same time yet in the morning all the tanks are at different levels eventhough your water meters were all withing 50 gallons.

Two of these units can easily be put in parallel to provide higher capacity. 


Install one of these, get a spare packet of tubes and duckbills and your done messing with medicators. 


Don't miss the Youtube video Stenner made for this product. It does a great job of showing the product in an entertaining way. 



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