About Us

Ideal Ag Supply LLC is a Northwest company providing equipment to farmers and ranchers that need to grow their animals or commodity in a controlled enviroment. Mostly we serve the poultry and dairy industries. We started out in 2000 by purchasing a small poultry farm raising broilers in Oregon eventually we had to expand the farm to give us the ecomomy of scale we needed to keep in business and add some employees so the family could all leave the farm at one time instead of leaving one person home to watch over the birds.

After expanding our ranch we were asked by the out of state equipment dealers to represent them in the Northwest. We still work with those out of state dealers but now we own and operate Ideal Ag Supply LLC and the farm has been been turned over to our farm manager and employees. Currently Ideal Ag Suppply LLC runs the only poultry supply warehouse in Oregon or Washington. 

We know what it is like to be the farmer waiting for the part or paying the high shipping so we work hard to stock what our customers need and give advice and service as needed. We look forward to getting bigger because the more we sale the more we can stock and have what our customers need when they need it. 

Thank you for your continued business.

Eric Simon